Panel zone

Market Avenue ofers you, without any obligation, the opportunity to participate in market research studies and to give your opinion on consumer products or services, both existing and being developped, in the field of for example food, automotive, culture or health care.

As a member of the Market avenue’s panel, you will finally have the impression that you voice is heard. Today, your opinion will improve tomorrow’s world. Being a panel member is also discovering new products, meeting other people who share the same interests, being paid and so much more, like spending a nice and original evening and make new acquaintances.

The meeting are in groups, on working day’s evenings. They last from one to three hours and the atmosphere is very relaxed, with plenty of drinks and snacks.

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Everyone can participate, without any limitations. We guarantee the respect of your privacy and will not transfer any personal data to third parties. Joining the panel is very easy: click on the button “Online subscription” and fill out the form!

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